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We understand that each producer will have their own needs and each species will have their own challenges.  In turn, we offer a variety of services that we are happy to customize to meet our customers needs.
  • On-Site Embryo/Egg/Spat Sorting - We come to you to test your eggs/embryos

  • In-House Sorting - For species amenable to shipping costs can be reduced by shipping your eggs/embryos/spat to our lab for testing.

  • On-Site Skeletal Muscle Biopsy - Feed Efficiency Test - We come to you, perform our skeletal muscle biopsies and return to our lab for analysis.
    • Great for first time users of our biopsy test, we'll train you while on-site so that you can perform future biopsy analyses using our mail-in kit.​

  • Mail-In Skeletal Muscle Biopsy Kit - We send you a complete kit.  You collect the biopsy and incubate for 4 hours.  Freeze and ship frozen to our labs for analysis.
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