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Dr. Benjamin Renquist, PhD

Dr. Benjamin Renquist is the inventor of the technology that is the backbone of GenetiRate.  As Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Renquist leads GenetiRate research and development. Dr. Renquist has BS (Colorado State University) and MS (UC Davis) training in Animal Science and a PhD (UC Davis) in nutrition.  He did post-doctoral training with National Academy member Roger Cone at Oregon Health and Science University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  In 2007, Dr. Renquist began research in zebrafish and upon moving to the University of Arizona began a research program in Tilapia.  He has additionally conducted research in pacific oysters, trout, and shrimp.  Dr. Renquist has led his independent research laboratory at the University of Arizona since 2011 and has learned through19 years of metabolism research and 12 years of fish research.  

Kyle Kentch, M.S.
Director of Technical Development

Kyle, a co-owner, led the research conducted in Dr. Renquist's University of Arizona laboratory to validate the application of this test in aquacultural species.  Kyle trained at the University of Rochester (BS) and Cornell Univeristy (MEng).  He applied his Masters in biomedical engineering to lead the design and development of our automated sorter that allows for the GenetiRate assay to be applied at scale.  

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